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Structuring of the Consulting Performance in Moduls according to our staff's specialists

1. Modul: Stone Feasibility: Analyzing natural Stone regarding the necessary Processing Procedures

  1. Expertise regarding the best processing method regarding a specific stone
  2. Listing of the possible semi finished and finished products

2. Modul: Production Know How - Potential Production Capacity of different Machinery: Determination according to the specific stone and block shapes / dimensions

  1. Block Cutter products - 650 mm Finishing Lines
  2. Gang Saw products - 2.000 mm or larger Finishing Lines
  3. Potential Productivity concerning the Finished product groups

3. Modul: Economic - administrative Feasibility Study of the Project

  1. Plant aviation and long term development projection
  2. Tiles Production Plant long term development projection
  3. Slabs Production Plant long term development projection
  4. Final Evaluation

4. Modul: Logistics and Expansion

  1. Lay Out (machinery positioning - blocks yard - semi finished goods - finished goods - water depuration plant, generator, compressor)
  2. Expansion Plans and Possibilities
  3. Indoor Processing Plant details

5. Modul: Machinery Requirement List according to the best Processing Technique

  1. Machinery type specification
  2. Machinery productivity specification (time - precision)
  3. Machinery components specification

6. Modul: Consumables Requirement List

  1. Chemical treatments procedures - evaluation
  2. Polishing Stones evaluation
  3. Diamond Discs evaluation
  4. Others for: brushing, honing, bush hammering, flaming, satin look

7. Modul: Production Organisation and Quality Assurance

  1. Organ gram of the factory - company
  2. Production Procedures Manual
  3. Quality Handbook
  4. Specialized Software for 'Modern Stone Factory Management'

8. Modul: Services for already existing Stone Processing Plants

  1. Determination of the present production strength and weakness features
  2. Development of an activity list for improvement under the given production conditions
  3. Development - Expansion - Automation - Rationalization of a quality production